The mechanism of WHAMM in coordinating cytoskeleton systems in membrane deformation

The microtubule (MT) and actin cytoskeletons drive many essential cellular processes, yet fairly little is known about how their functions are coordinated. One factor that mediates important cross talk between these two systems is WHAMM, a Golgi-associated protein that utilizes MT binding and actin nucleation activities to promote membrane tubulation during intracellular transport. Using cryoelectron microscopy and other biophysical and biochemical approaches, we unveil the underlying mechanisms for how these activities are coordinated.

Shen QT, Hsiue PP, Sindelar CV, Welch MD, Campellone KG*, and Wang HW*. (2012)Structural insight into WHAMM-mediated cytoskeletal coordination during membrane remodeling. J. Cell Biol., 199:111-124. (*co-corresponding authors) (cover)